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Sunday, March 4, 2012

english makes me sick!

hello peeps!

lame kan i tak update blog ni?? i bet some of u guys must miss my post kan? ok ok,, actually, im kind of busy. lagi lagi lepas UPS ari tu, ive lots of assignment to do. lagi lagi, assignment English, mule-mule, kene wat research pasal budak budak kmj, n now, kene wat product promotion pulak! =='

ok, jangan ngeluh ok! about this product promotion, my group have decided to promote about CHOCOLATE! yeah,, chocolate! sound delicious rite? ive already done the fliers this evening by myself,,


actually, ive got the idea from ida n bella,, thanx babe:)
ok, takde la cantik mane,, i just used picnic to made it..
so, chocolate anyone???

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