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Sunday, February 5, 2012

thnx abang for this video

today i want to share with you guys about this video,,
abang a.k.a amira post this video on my timeline just now
ntah kenape,, aq rase teruje giler!!
yeah mira,,
Wait and see

thanx mira,,, 

They're not gonna keep me downThey're not gonna shut me outThey're gonna do what they do, I do meI'm moving against the crowdI'm drowning out, way downThey're gonna do what they doI do something originalBe unforgettableThey're gonna know my name

(One day) I'll make you a believer(One day) I got this all I need is(One day) Don't try to tell me I can't (tell me I can't)(And now) I'm a light in the future(Watch out) Wont stop I'm a mover(One day) You're gonna know who I amI will fly high and freeIt's my fate wait and see one day
I've been afraid before,To reach for something moreBut now I see that it's mine, I'll take itJust go ahead and try,You're not gonna change my mindThere's no such thing as too late

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